bio[box] consists of a primary facility (DeGrace Hall room 103) and a microscope facility (Millis Hall room 315).  The following instruments are available for use by registered users with proper training.  Registration, training and scheduling for equipment use can be arranged through iLab .

Instrument Function Location
AATI Fragment Analyzer Measure amount, quality and size of small DNA fragments accurately. DeGrace 103
Applied Biosystems Quantstudio 3 qPCR system Measure relative quantities of mRNA. Real-time PCR of DNA and RNA. DeGrace 103
Bio-Rad C1000 thermal cycler DNA amplification via standard PCR. DeGrace 103
Bio-Rad Chemidoc gel imager Gel and blot imaging via fluorescence, chemiluminescence, and colorimetry. DeGrace 103
Bio-Rad QX200 ddPCR platform Digital droplet PCR (ddPCR) amplification of small amounts of DNA from dirty samples. DeGrace 103
Leica DM4B upright microscope w/ Leica DFC7000 T camera system Upright, manual light microscope. Capable of visualizing samples from 4x to 40x (objective); single and multichannel image acquisition. Millis 315
Leica DMi8 inverted microscope w/ Leica DFC7000 T camera system Automated, live cell imaging. Visualizing samples from 4x to 100x (objective); multichannel imaging and image stitching. Millis 315
Leica S6D stereo microscope Upright, manual stereo microscope. Visualizing samples from 1x to 6.3x. Millis 315
MilliQ Integral 10 water purification system Preparation of Type I and Type II water, including DNase/RNase/pyrogen-free water. DeGrace 103
Molecular Devices Spectramax plate reader Multimode plate reader: absorbance, luminescence, and fluorescence. DeGrace 103
Olympus BX60 upright microscope w/ Olympus DP72 camera system Upright, manual, fluorescence microscope to visualize samples from 4x to 40x (objective); single and multichannel image acquisition. Millis 315
PCR workstation UV-equipped positive-pressure workstation for setting up PCR plates with low contamination. DeGrace 103
Qubit 3 fluorometer Single-sample dye-based measurement of DNA, RNA, and protein concentration. Highly quantitative. DeGrace 103