Independent Research in Biology

The Department of Biology encourages students to participate in laboratory research (BIOL 388, 388S 390) and/or library research (BIOL 389, 389S).  Students may choose to work with faculty in the Biology Department or students choosing to work with a member of another department must also have a Biology faculty member act as Biology Sponsor. Click below for the permit request form and additional information about research and/or SAGES capstones.

Download the application for research in Biology here:  Independent-Research-Form-  and send the completed form to the undergraduate services coordinator (rxm34) who will then grant you permission to enroll in the course.

For independent research in Neuroscience, check out the Undergraduate Research page in the SOM Department of Neurosciences.

Opportunities for undergraduates to participate meaningfully in research experiences are very important and highly valued. Please see the SOURCE website for information on how to get started and for lists of opportunities.