Independent Research in Biology

The Department of Biology encourages students to participate in laboratory research (BIOL 388, 388S 390) and/or library research (BIOL 389).  Students may choose to work with faculty in the Biology Department or students choosing to work with a member of another department must also have a Biology faculty member act as Biology Sponsor. Click below for the permit request form and additional information about research and/or SAGES capstones.

Down the application for research in Biology here:  Independent-Research-Form-

Opportunities for undergraduates to participate meaningfully in research experiences are very important and highly valued. In partnership with the Office of Institutional Research, a clearinghouse for undergraduate research has been developed that will help students find information about faculty willing to host a student or students in a laboratory or on a non-lab based research project. These arrangements can take the form of volunteer experience, credit-granting academic projects, or work for pay (funding by grants or by work-study).