The Department of Biology Seminars are held at 4:00pm in DeGrace Hall room 312 (Unless otherwise noted).

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Fall 2019

Name Date Institution Seminar Title Website
Dr. Sarah Diamond 8/29/19 CWRU Department of Biology “Remodeling thermal physiology for the 21st century”
Dr. Ryan Martin 9/5/2019 CWRU Department of Biology “The importance of variation”
Dr. Peter Zimmerman 9/12/19 The Center for Global Health and Disease, CWRU “Plasmodium vivax and Duffy Negativity”
Dr. Michael Donovan 9/19/19 Cleveland Museum of Natural History “Recovery of plant-insect associations in Patagonia, gentina after the end-Cretaceous extinction”
Dr. Natalie Wright 9/26/2019 Kenyon College “The effects of ecology and evolution on bird morphology and flight”
Dr. Christopher Cullis 10/3/2019 CWRU Department of Biology “Does flax ‘edit’ its genome in response to environmental stress?”
Dr. Shane Campbell Staton 10/10/2019 University of California, Los Angeles “Unnatural histories: Exploring genetic and regulatory mechanisms of anthropogenic evolution” https://socgen/
Dr. Andres Vidal-Gadea 10/17/2019 Illinois State University “Neuroethology of magnetic field detection and orientation by a nematode worm”
Dr. Noah T. Dunham 10/24/2019 Cleveland Metroparks Zoo “Lessons from the field: Behavior and feeding ecology of free-ranging primates informs management and care of zoo-housed conspecifics”
Dr. Lyndon Mitnaul 10/31/2019 Regeneron Pharmaceuticals TBA
Dr. Alejandro Sanchez-Alvarado 11/7/2019 Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Dr. David Katz 11/14/2019 CWRU
No seminar- Thanksgiving Break 11/28/2019
Dr. Jean-Michael Mongeau 12/5/2019 Penn State