The Department of Biology Seminars are held at 4:00pm in DeGrace Hall room 312 (Unless otherwise noted).

To submit speaker nominations for the seminar series, please fill out this form:

Spring 2019

Name Date Institution Seminar Title Website Host


Dr. Elliot Gardner




Northwestern University


 “A multidisciplinary approach to plant systematics, with a focus on the mulberry, oak, and palm families”


Dr. Mark Willis



Hilary Rollins

PhD student





Case Western Reserve University


“Ecological Effects of Climate Change on Amphibians”


Dr. Ryan Martin



Dr. Martin Turcotte






University of Pittsburg



“Experimentally testing evolutionary-coexistence using duckweed” **Post seminar Happy Hour****



Dr. Robin Snyder



Dr. Samuel Senyo





Case Western Reserve University – BME


“Evidence for a role of extracellular in heart regeneration”



Dr. Emmitt Jolly


Dr. Mark Urban




University of Connecticut


“Decoding the cryptic effect of evolution on ecology”




EE Student nominated speaker.


Riley Tedrow

PhD student




Case Western Reserve University

“Novel Insights Into Mosquito Feeding Behavior and Malaria Transmission in Madagascar”


Dr. Emmitt Jolly


Dr. Stuart Newfeld




Arizona State University


“Brain, longevity, sex and insulin – there’s a connection”**Post seminar Happy Hour*** Dr. Emmitt Jolly
Name Date Institution Seminar Title Website Host


No seminar




Spring Break


Dr. Sonya Auer







Energetic mechanisms for coping with environmental change” Dr. Ryan Martin



Dr. Hillel Chiel





CWRU – Department of Biology


“Principles of Motor Control”


Dr. Jessica Fox





Dr. Matthew Harris




Harvard University


“Looking across broad genomic divides through the window of developmental constraint”  


Dr. Radhika Atit


Dr. John Layne




University of Cincinnati




***Post seminar Happy Hour***


Dr. Jessica Fox


Dr. Sheila Patek




Duke University


“From fast to ultrafast: the biological world of extreme movement”



Dr. Jessica Fox

Dr. Jayne Yack 10/18/2018 Carleton University (Canada) “What does a Butterfly Hear? A Foray into the Extraordinary Acoustic Worlds of Insects” Dr. Jessica Fox
No Seminar Fall Break 10/25/2018


Dr. Parthasarathy Kalyanasundaram

11/1/2018 CRWU Department of Biology “Role of bilateral odor sampling in the odor source localization behavior of Manduca sexta“. Dr. Jessica Fox
Dr. Brian McDermott 11/8/2018 CWRU-Department of Otolaryngology Dr. Emmitt Jolly
Dr. Rob Olberg
11/15/2018 Union College – New York “How the dragonfly intercepts its flying prey: From neurons to behavior” Dr. Jessica Fox
No seminar-Thanksgiving Break 11/22/2018
Dr. Mitra Hartman
11/29/18 Northwestern University “Building a rat from the outside in:  active sensing with whiskers” Dr. Jessica Fox

Dr. Dr. Kevin Mueller

12/6/2018 Cleveland State University “How are ecosystem services in urban landscapes constrained by covariance of traits among tree species?” Dr. Ryan Martin