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Spring 2021

Name  Date  Institution  Seminar Title  Website  Host

Dr. Justa Heinen – Kay 



University of  Minnesota 

Department of  Ecology and  


“How natural enemies shape the  evolution of sexual traits.” https://justaheinen.wordpress.co m Dr. Ryan Martin
Dr. Nick Kortessis  2/18/21  University of Florida “Using population ecology to uncover  effects of spatial and temporal  variation on the dynamics of emerging infectious diseases.” https://nickkortessis.weebly.com/  Dr. Robin Snyder
Sai Thulabandu  2/25/21 

Case Western  

Reserve University

“Polycomb Repressive Complex2  in lineage selection during skin  and muscle development” Research Focus – Atit Lab  (case.edu) Dr. Radhika Atit
Dr. Bil Clemons  3/4/21  California Institute  of Technology TBA

Bil Clemons – Clemons Lab – California Institute of  

Technology (caltech.edu)

Co-hosting with  Chemistry
Dr. Chris Willett  3/11/21  University of North  Carolina, Chapel Hill TBA  http://labs.bio.unc.edu/Willett  Dr. Ryan Martin
Dr. Dylan Childs  3/18/21  The University of  Sheffield TBA Dr Dylan Childs | Biosciences at  Sheffield | The University of  Sheffield Dr. Robin Snyder

Dr. Rowan  



University of  


TBA Rowan McGinley | School of  Biological Sciences | Nebraska  (unl.edu) Dr. Jessica Fox


Dr. Stephane  



National Centre  for Scientific  


TBA  Stéphane Viollet (univ-amu.fr)  Dr. Jessica Fox
Anna Jussila  4/8/21 Case Western  Reserve University  “Wnt signaling induces fibrotic  fat loss via DPP4 in skin  fibrosis” Research Focus – Atit Lab  (case.edu) Dr. Radhika Atit
Dr. Michelle Tseng  4/15/21 University of British  Columbia TBA  https://www.bugsandplankton.co m Dr. Ryan Martin
Dr. Barbara Webb  4/22/21 

School of  Informatics 

University of  Edinburgh



Barbara Webb (ed.ac.uk)  Dr. Jessica Fox
Dr. Tera Levin  4/29/21  University of  Pittsburgh TBA  https://www.teralevinlab.com/  Dr. Emmitt Jolly
Dr. Juliet Girard  5/6/21 

University of  California, Los  




https://research.mcdb.ucla.edu /Banerjee/

Dr. Ryan Martin
Dr. Akshaya Ramesh  5/13/21

University of  California San  


“Improving Tuberculous  

Meningitis Diagnostics: A  

Combined Host and Pathogen  Classifier”

https://profiles.ucsf.edu/akshaya.r Dr. Emmitt Jolly