Dr. Emmitt Jolly Quoted in Newsweek Article on Schistosomiasis

Professor Dr. Emmitt Jolly was recently quoted in the Newsweek article “Horror as Woman Shares Symptoms That Discovered Mom’s 40-Year-Old Parasite.” The article discusses the incredible case of a woman who lived with Schistosomiasis for 36 years! Dr. Jolly spoke on the prevalence of these parasites in different parts of the world, “There are several species of schistosome and they are described by whether they reside in the venules of the intestines (intestinal schistosomiasis) or bladder (urinary schistosomiasis), where they feed on red blood cells. […] Urinary schistosomiasis is primarily found on the African continent whereas intestinal schistosomiasis is most common outside of Africa.”


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