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Faculty and Staff


Name Title Email Phone
Karen Abbott Associate Professor 216.368.3561
Radhika Atit Associate Professor 216.368.8819
Sarah Bagby Assistant Professor 216-368-4358
Michael Benard George B. Mayer Chair in Urban and Environmental Studies, Associate Professor 216.368.1080
Rebecca Benard Instructor 216.368.8585
Susan Burden-Gulley Instructor 216.368.1979
Jean Burns Associate Professor 216-368-4288
Arnold Caplan Professor 216.368.3562
Leena Chakravarty Instructor 216.368.5257
Hillel Chiel Professor 216.368.3846
Christopher Cullis Francis Hobart Herrick Professor of Biology 216.368.5110
Sarah Diamond Assistant Professor 216-368-1073
Richard Drushel Senior Instructor and Executive Officer 216.368.4804
Jessica Fox Assistant Professor 216.368.3700
Stephen Haynesworth Associate Dean, and Associate Professor 216.368.2740
Valerie Haywood Senior Instructor 216.368.8853
Emmitt R. Jolly Associate Professor 216.368.2721
Barbara Kuemerle Senior Instructor 216.368.8617
Ryan Martin Assistant Professor 216-368-2765
Claudia Mizutani Associate Professor 216.368.1913
Ronald Oldfield Senior Instructor 216.368.5013
Roy Ritzmann Professor 216.368.3554
Charles Rozek Associate Professor and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Vice Provost 216.368.2765
Robin Snyder Associate Professor 216.368.8838
Mark Willis Professor and Chair Department of Biology 216.368.4358

Other appointments

Name Title Email Phone
Deborah Harris Full-time Lecturer 216.368.8584
Dianne Kube Full-time Lecturer 216.368.8922
Audrey Lynn Adjunct Instructor
Jean Welter Research Associate Professor 216.368.1333


Adjunct Faculty

Name Title Email Phone
David Burke Adjunct Assistant Professor, Scientist and Chair, The Holden Arboretum
Patricia (Pam) Dennis Adjunct Assistant Professor; Assistant Clinical Professor, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Anthony Giordano Adjunct Assistant Professor
Christopher Kuhar Adjunct Assistant Professor; Director, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Ana Locci Adjunct Assistant Professor; Director, University Farm  216.368.0274
Kristen Lukas Adjunct Assistant Professor; Curator of Conservation and Science, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Juliana Medeiros Adjunct Assistant Professor, Holden Arboretum
J. Michael Sorrell Adjunct Assistant Professor
Gavin Svenson Adjunct Assistant Professor; Curator of Invertebrate Zoology, Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Denise Su Curator and Head of Paleobotany and Paleoecology, Cleveland Museum of Natural History



Secondary Faculty

Name Title Email Phone
Darin Croft Associate Professor, Anatomy, School of Medicine 216.368.5268
Victor Goldberg Professor, Orthopaedics, School of Medicine 216.844.5900
Yohannes Haile-Selassie Curator and Head of Physical Anthropology, CMNH
Brian McDermott Assistant Professor, Otolaryngology, School of Medicine 216.844.6036
Scott Simpson Professor, Anatomy, School of Medicine 216.368.1946
Peter Thomas Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics 216.368.3623
Daniel Wesson Assistant Professor, Neurosciences, School of Medicine
Peter Zimmerman Professor, Global Health and Disease, School of Medicine 216.368.0508

Emeritus Faculty

Joseph Koonce
Norman Rushforth
Morris Burke
Joanne Westin
Jim Zull
Marty Rosenberg


Name Title Email Phone
Amad Awadallah Research Assistant 216.368.2773
Katie Bingman Student Services Specialist 216.368.4301
Julia Brown-Allen Graduate Coordinator & Graduate Recruiter 216.368.3556
Margaret Cullis Research Assistant 216.368.5362
Gregg DiNuoscio Research Assistant 216.368.5519
Margie Harris Research Assistant 216.368.2777
Susan Kolenz Department Assistant 216-368-3557
Tammie Lee Department Assistant 216.368.3562
Alan Pollack Research Assistant 216.368.3591
Susan Rozek Manager 216.368.2742
Binh To Coordinator 216-368-0506



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