Two tracks are available for the minor, each requiring a total of 16 hours of biology courses. One track consists of any two of the three biology core lectures with their associated laboratories, plus electives:

Any two of the the following biology core classes (and associated labs) 8
BIOL 214
& 214L
Genes, Evolution and Ecology
and Genes, Evolution and Ecology Lab
BIOL 215
& 215L
Cells and Proteins
and Cells and Proteins Laboratory
BIOL 216
& 216L
Development and Physiology
and Development and Physiology Lab
BIOL electives (excluding 100-level courses, BIOL 240, BIOL 250, BIOL 251, and BIOL 390) 8
Total Units 16

An alternative track, for students using the Systems Biology core, consists of:

Required courses
BIOL 250 Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology Systems 3
BIOL 251 Introduction to Organismal and Population Systems 3
BIOL electives (excluding 100-level courses, BIOL 214, BIOL 215, BIOL 216, BIOL 240, and BIOL 390) 10
Total Units 16