The Daniel Burke Prize, for excellence in both biology and chemistry.

Winner: Yash Kumar

The Flora Stone Mather Alumnae Award, for outstanding academic performance in biology.

Winner: Qianxue Chen

The Francis Hobart Herrick Prize, for outstanding biological research and academic excellence in biology.

Winner: Christiana Wang

The Russell M. Lawall Prize in Biological Sciences, for excellence in biology.

Winner: Yuhan Zhang

J. Paul Vissher Award of the Cleveland Audubon Society, to the senior who demonstrates outstanding ability and promise in the field of ecology or environmental science.

Winner: Makala Wang

The Ralph A. Spengler, Jr. Award, for excellence in plant science.

Winner: Lydia Jahn

Outstanding UTA Award (Undergraduate Teaching Assistant)

Winners: Chanita Boonkird and Yasawini Iyer

Michelson Morley Research Competition in the Biological Sciences

1st prize: Zahin Islam

2nd prize: Caroline Theile

3rd prize James Kristell