The Biology Department holds hour long seminars every Thursday at 4pm throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Find flyers with more information on the second floor of DeGrace hall, sign up for the Biology Seminar emailing list, or contact Department Assistant Mikaela Libens ( with questions.

Spring 2023

Name Date Institution Title or Area of Research Website Host
Marie Dacke January 26th Lund University “The Dynamic Nature of the Insect Compass System” Gabriella Wolff
Viorel Popescu February 2nd Ohio University “Challenges and Opportunities for Conserving Terrestrial Carnivores in Human-Dominated Landscapes” Michael Benard
Bradley Dickerson February 9th Princeton University “Functionally Stratified Encoding in a Biological Gyroscope” Gabriella Wolff
Andrew Dacks February 16th West Virginia University “Stimulus Specific Modulation of Olfactory Coding by Serotonin” Gabriella Wolff
Judith Yanowitz February 23rd Magee-Womens Research Institute “To Break or Not To Break: Initiation and Regulation of Meiotic Crossovers” Nicole Crown
Timothy Mead March 2nd University Hospitals, CWRU School of Medicine “Extracellular matrix optimization during embryogenesis” Radhika Atit
Stephanie Langel March 9th Case Western Reserve University “What maternal antibody responses in pigs, ferrets, and mice teaches us about human biology” Jessica Fox

Arvid Agren

March 23rd Cleveland Clinic “Evolution of Within-Organism Conflicts” Ryan Martin
Rachelle Adams March 30th The Ohio State University “Integrative Evolution: The illumination of symbiotic and systems” Gabriella Wolff
Tiffany Betras April 6th Case Western Reserve University “Understanding the causes of biodiversity decline in temperate forests: Disentangling the impacts of browsing and nonnative species” Sarah Bagby and Michael Benard
Grant Yu April 13th Case Western Reserve University “The roles of soil biota in plant defense in an ecological context” Jean Burns
Jordan Renna April 20th University of Akron Neural Circuit Development Gabriella Wolff
John Kopchick April 27th Ohio University “Growth Hormone, Minni-Mice, Football, Dirty Shirts, and a New drug” Joseph Terry

Fall 2022

Name Date Institution Title Website Host
Uli Steiner September 8th Individual heterogeneity and aging: on humans, plants and bacteria Robin Snyder
Oindrila De September 13th Septate junction proteins play non-occluding roles in Drosophila embryonic morphogenesis Rob Ward
Luisa Hiller September 22nd The Pneumococcal Social Network Sarah Bagby
Matthew Forister September 29th The Fast & the Fragile: How Many Butterflies will Survive the Anthropocene? Angie Lenard
NO SEMINAR October 6
Tiffany Betras October 13th Understanding the causes of biodiversity decline in temperate forests: Disentangling the impacts of browsing and nonnative species Sarah Bagby
Rikesh Patel October 20th Path integration above and below the water’s surface Gabriella Wolff
Bruce Sullenger October 27th From the RNA World to the Clinic with RNA guides and aptamers Yolanda Fortenberry
Britton Sauerbrei November 3rd Cortico-Cerebellar Dynamics for Skilled Movement in the Mouse. Hillel Chiel, Gabriella Wolff
Michael Sheehan November 10th Ecology, evolution, and neuroscience of facial recognition in paper wasps Kris Lea
Stephen Montgomery November 17th Rapid expansion and visual specialisation of learning and memory centres in Heliconiini butterflies. Gabriella Wolff
Sangeet Lamichhaney December 1st Exploring adaptive evolution through the lens of modern genomics Ryan Martin
Lydia Kisley December 8th Super-resolution imaging of protein dynamics within the extracellular matrix Radhika Atit, Sarah Bagby

Summer 2022

Name Date Institution Seminar title Website Host
Dr. Abdel Halloway June 9, 2022 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign “Rapid Eco-Evolutionary Feedbacks in Ecological Communities” E-Co-Evo – Co-Evolution in Ecological Communities Karen Abbott

Spring 2022

Name Date Institution Seminar Title Website Host
Dr. Leila Rieder March 3, 2022 Emory University “Nuclear body organization of the zygotic genome” Dr. Nicole Crown
Dr. Seyeon Chung March 17, 2022 Louisiana State University “Mechanisms Underlying Epithelial Tube Formation” Dr. Robert Ward
Dr. Alison Bennett March 24,2022 The Ohio State University “Interactions among microbiomes: The bottom up and
top down influences of soil and insect microbiomes” Dr. Jean Burns
Dr. Amanda Larracuente March 31.2022 University of Rochester “Meiotic Drive and Satellite DNA in Drosophila Melanogaster” Dr. Nicole Crown
Dr. Gerald Downes April 7, 2022 University of Massachusetts Amherst “From Swimming to Seizures: Investigating hyperactive
locomotor behavior in developing zebrafish”
RESEARCH – Downes Laboratory Dr. Jessica Fox
April 14, 2022
Dr. Lauren Sullivan April 21, 2022 University of Missouri “Ecological causes and consequences of dispersal in restored and
native grasslands” Amy Patterson

Fall 2021

Name Date Institution Seminar Title Website Host


Dr. Jessica Fox




Case Western Reserve University


“Combining sensory information for flexible behaviors at high speed”



Dr. Mark Willis

Promotion seminar


















Dr. Basil el Jundi





University of Wurzburg



Dr. Jessica Fox


Dr. Emily Baird




Stockholm University-Sweden

“Some don’t like it hot: Assessing the effect of climate change on the morphology and behaviour of insect pollinators”



Dr. Jessica Fox


Dr. W. Seth Childer




University of Pittsburgh







Dr. Ankur Saxena




University of Chicago Illinois


Won’t You Be My Neighbor?: Local Signaling Drives Continuous Olfactory Neurogenesis



Dr. Radhika Atit


Fall Break- no seminar.










Name Date Institution Seminar Title Website Host


Dr. Giovanni  Bosco






Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine


Dr. Nicole Crown


Dr. Julijana Gjorgjieva



Max Planck Institute for Brain Research



Dr. Jessica Fox


Dr. Dan Bergstrahl





University of Rochester


“Depth, not Breadth: How Do Epithelial Cells Organize in Z?”



Dr. Nicole Crown


Dr. Kieran Samuk





University of California Riverside


“The Evolution and Consequences of     Recombination Rate Variation”


Dr. Nicole Crown


No seminar-

Thanksgiving Break
















Dr. Dylan Childs