Susan Burden-Gulley

Senior Instructor

Millis Hall 506A

Dr. Burden-Gulley joined The Department of Biology as a full-time Instructor in 2013. She received a Ph.D. in neuroscience from Case Western Reserve University and was active in laboratory research for several years. Her graduate work focused on the role of cell adhesion molecules and signal transduction in axonal pathfinding during nervous system development. Subsequently, she explored how changes in the expression of cell adhesion molecules alters cancer growth, invasion and metastasis. Most recently, she assisted in the development of a tumor imaging agent for use in detection of cancer cells in the brain and other organs. Dr. Burden-Gulley has a breadth of teaching experience in courses geared toward undergraduate, graduate, medical and dental students. With an emphasis on critical thinking and data analysis, she utilizes application-based instruction to support a deeper understanding of the course material. Descriptions of appropriate research techniques are incorporated into lectures to illustrate the tools available for investigation of scientific problems. In addition, Dr. Burden-Gulley encourages the students to integrate their knowledge from previous coursework to solidify their overall understanding of biological principles. Dr. Burden-Gulley currently teaches BIOL 216L: Development and Physiology laboratory, a core course for Biology majors, and BIOL 325: Cell Biology, an upper-level elective course.


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