Dr. Jessica Fox Presented with the Bruce Jackson Award for Undergraduate Mentoring

Congratulations to Dr. Jessica Fox, who was awarded the J. Bruce Jackson MD Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring. Jess was one of 2 university faculty to be presented with this award, thanks to the many incredible student nominations. Students praised Dr. Fox for the respect she shows students, as well as how she shows she values their interests and achievements.

In recognition of the importance mentors play in a students’ academic journey, the J. Bruce Jackson MD Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring was established by J. Bruce Jackson in honor of Dean Carl F. Wittke.

The Jackson Award honors faculty and staff members who have guided a student academically, fostered the student’s personal development, challenged the student to grow, and supported the student’s goals and life choices.

Wittke was an advisor, mentor and friend to Jackson while he was a student at Western Reserve University.

“I’ve been so impressed with the undergraduate students I’ve mentored at CWRU, particularly this year,” Fox said. “I’m honored to be a part of their stories.”

Congrats again, Jess!

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