Work Done with Prof. Karen Abbott and Other Collaborators from the Herbivory Variability Network has Just Been Published in Science!

The article “Plant size, latitude, and phylogeny explain within-population variability in herbivory” was recently published in Science this past week on November 9th by the Herbivory Variability Network, an NSF funded research coordination network. Dr. Karen Abbott explains a little about this research:

This is the first characterization of global patterns in how herbivore attacks are distributed across individual plants in a population. Uneven herbivory creates variability in how strongly plants are impacted by herbivores, with implications for their ecology and evolution.  We found that factors like geography, plant size, and evolutionary history lead to predictable patterns in how variable herbivore attacks are.


Learn more by reading the article here:

Image from the Herbivory Variability Network: