The BioScience Alliance and PhD candidates Maura Plocek and Kaylin Tennant featured in The Daily

The Biology department’s BioScience Alliance, a high-impact collaboration of Cleveland-area research and training programs which includes the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Cleveland Museum of Natural History and Holden Arboretum, featured in The Daily. Highlighted is the partnership between CWRU and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Kristen Lukas, director of conservation and science at the zoo and adjunct assistant professor explains “Under the supervision of staff scientists at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, our students gain an understanding of challenges facing wildlife populations in human care. [They then] craft meaningful research questions that have a direct—and often immediate—impact on animal care and welfare.” PhD candidates Maura Plocek and Kaylin Tennant share their experience with the partnership.  Read the entire article and watch the video here:

CWRU at the zoo: Partnership trains next generation of zoo scientists