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Seminars in the Department of Biology are typically held weekly or biweekly. The members of the Department invite speakers from other institutions and from within the University to give seminar lectures on their research. In addition, graduate students present their research as part of their degree requirements. Seminars are a valuable time for the members of Biology to come together for socialization and scientific discourse.


Department of Biology Seminar Series

Unless otherwise stated, all seminars begin on Thursdays at 4:15 p.m. in DeGrace 312.

Spring 2015 Seminar Schedule

Name Date Institution Seminar Title Topic Area Host
Dr. Anthony Wynshaw-Boris




CWRU Genetics

“Investigating the pathophysiology of human neurogenetic diseases by modeling in mice and induced pluripotent stem cells.”


Developmental Genetics & Autism




Dr. Radhika Atit


Dr. James Watling




John Caroll University

“Landscape complexity alters species distributions in fragmented habitat”

Environmental Science


Dr. Mike Benard


Dr. Kristen Lukas





Cleveland Metroparks Zoo



Zoo Biology



Dr. Mike Benard


Dr. Angela Ridgel




Kent State University


“Neuroplasticity in Parkinson’s disease


Exercise Science & Physiology



Dr. Roy Ritzmann


Sebastian Chada



Case Western Reserve University Lab/thesis seminar


“Scaling and Modification of Axis Specification in the Drosophila Embryo” investigating dorso-ventral patterning and morphogenetic gradient formation


Dr. Claudia Mizutani


Dr. Lisle Gibbs






Ohio State University

“Rare Snakes that Rattle: Conservation Genetics of Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnakes (Sistrurus catenatus).”


evolutionary biology, molecular ecology and conservation genetics





Dr. Mike Benard

No seminar


3/12/15 Spring Break


Dr. Matthew Dugas



Case Western Reserve University/Ecology


“Begging or Boasting? How and why offspring communicate with parents”





Dr. Mike Benard

Dr. Scott Weatherbee  3/26/15 Yale University Dept. of Genetics “Using Forward Genetics to Identify Genes Critical for Embryonic Development and Patterning”

Cell & Developmental  Biology


 Dr. Radhika Atit
 Dr. Kurt Runge 4/2/15 Cleveland Clinic Fnd.
 Dr. Barb Kuemerle
Dr. Sandeep Kalantry 4/9/15  University of Michigan  “Novel Modes of X-Chromosome Inactivation”



 Dr. Radhika Atit
 Dr. Stephen Matter  4/16/15  University of Cincinnati “The effects of local population extinction within spatial population networks”

Spatial Ecology


 Dr. Karen Abbott
 Dr. Nicole Burt  4/23/15  Cleveland Museum of Natural History  “You Are What You Eat: Stable Isotope Analysis of Modern and Archaeological Human Tissues.”

Human Health and Evolutionary Medicine


 Dr. Mike Benard