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Seminars in the Department of Biology are typically held weekly or biweekly. The members of the Department invite speakers from other institutions and from within the University to give seminar lectures on their research. In addition, graduate students present their research as part of their degree requirements. Seminars are a valuable time for the members of Biology to come together for socialization and scientific discourse.


Department of Biology Seminar Series

Please note, time has changed to 4:00pm


Spring 2017 Seminar Schedule


Name Date Institution Seminar Title Topic Area Host


Dr. Vera Moiseenkova-Bell








CWRU- Department of Pharmacology


“Molecular insight into the structure and function of TRPV channels”

**A post seminar happy hour will be in Clapp 405 immediately following the seminar.



Ion channels in sensory neurons


Dr. Jessica Fox


Dr. Andrew Hendry






McGill University

“From genes to ecosystems: the interplay between evolutionary and ecological dynamics”


Evolutionary ecology


Dr. Ryan Martin



Dr. Nicole Gunter





Cleveland Museum of Natural History


“Unrolling the evolutionary history of dung beetles”


Phylogenetics & Entomology


Dr. Mike Benard


Dr. Kris Palczewski






CWRU- Department of Pharmacology


“Chemistry that converts light into vision” 


Protein biology



Dr. Jessica Fox


Dr. Andy Jones




Cleveland Museum of Natural History


“Hybridization and Evolutionary History in Some North American Birds”





Dr. Mike Benard



Dr. Darcy Kelley







Columbia University


“Shaping vocal communication: neurobiology and evolution”.



Frog auditory neuroethology


Dr. Jessica Fox



Dr. Nathan Morehouse





University of Pittsburgh


“The evolution of looking and seeing: new insights from colorful jumping spiders.”



Jumping spider behavior


Dr. Jessica Fox







No Seminar


Dr. Polyxeni Phillippidou






CWRU- Department of Neuroscience


“Molecular mechanisms of respiratory neuron development.”

**A post seminar happy hour will be in Clapp 405 immediately following the seminar.




Developmental neurobiology


Dr. Radhika Atit


Dr. Mukesh Jain






CWRU- Department of Cardiology


“Novel insights into metabolism and aging”


Molecular cardiology


Dr. Radhika Atit


Dr. Yan Li




CWRU – Department of Genetics

“High-throughput single cell transcriptome analysis and CRISPR screening identify key β-cell specific diabetic Genes”





Dr. Radhika Atit



Dr. Shannon McCauley






University Toronto



“Freshwater communities in a changing world.”



Ecology / evolution


Michael Moore & Ecology graduate students.


Dr. Michael Shapiro





University of Utah


“Feathered feet and fancy features: genetic and developmental diversity in Darwin’s pigeons.”

**A post seminar happy hour will be in Clapp 405 immediately following the seminar.


Evolutionary Development


Dr. Radhika Atit

Dr. Kay Havens 4/27/2017 Chicago Botanic Garden “Consequences of fecundity reduction in invasive plants and implications for biocontrol.” ** seminar will be located at the Cleveland Botanical Garden in University Circle Plant Ecology & Conservation Dr. Mike Benard


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