The Department of Biology Seminars are held at 4:00pm in DeGrace Hall room 312 (Unless otherwise noted).


Fall 2018

Name Date Institution Seminar Title Website Host
Dr. Karen Abbott 8/30/18 CWRU – Department of Biology “Stochastic phenomena in ecology: a challenge worth confronting” Dr. Mark WillisPromotion seminar
Dr. Jessica Fox 9/6/2018 CWRU- Department of Biology “Haltere mechanosensory input to the fly nervous system.”

Dr. Mark Willis

Promotion seminar

Dr. John Masly
9/13/18 University of Oklahoma “The causes and consequences of rapid morphological evolution.” Dr. Claudia Mizutani
Dr. Katherine Krynak
9/20/18 Ohio North University “Gorilla poo, frog goo and the fascinating world of the microbial ecology”

Dr. Mark Willis

Adjunct appointment

Dr. Ron Oldfield 9/27/2018 CWRU – Department of Biology A new Mexican fish has invaded Louisiana: How did it get there and will saltwater prevent it from spreading? Dr. Emmitt Jolly
Dr. Lin Mei
10/4/2018 CWRU Dept of Neuroscience “Synapses, muscular dystrophy and brain disorders” Dr. Jessica Fox
Dr. Martha Munoz
10/11/2018 Virginia Tech University “Motors, brakes, and the pacemakers for phenotypic diversity” Dr. Ryan Martin
Dr. Jayne Yack 10/18/2018 Carleton University (Canada) “What does a Butterfly Hear? A Foray into the Extraordinary Acoustic Worlds of Insects” Dr. Jessica Fox
No Seminar Fall Break 10/25/2018


Dr. Parthasarathy Kalyanasundaram

11/1/2018 CRWU Department of Biology “Role of bilateral odor sampling in the odor source localization behavior of Manduca sexta“. Dr. Jessica Fox
Dr. Brian McDermott 11/8/2018 CWRU-Department of Otolaryngology Dr. Emmitt Jolly
Dr. Rob Olberg
11/15/2018 Union College – New York “How the dragonfly intercepts its flying prey: From neurons to behavior” Dr. Jessica Fox
No seminar-Thanksgiving Break 11/22/2018
Dr. Mitra Hartman
11/29/18 Northwestern University “Building a rat from the outside in:  active sensing with whiskers” Dr. Jessica Fox

Dr. Dr. Kevin Mueller

12/6/2018 Cleveland State University “How are ecosystem services in urban landscapes constrained by covariance of traits among tree species?” Dr. Ryan Martin