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Seminars in the Department of Biology are typically held weekly or biweekly. The members of the Department invite speakers from other institutions and from within the University to give seminar lectures on their research. In addition, graduate students present their research as part of their degree requirements. Seminars are a valuable time for the members of Biology to come together for socialization and scientific discourse.


Department of Biology Seminar Series

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are at 4:00pm in DeGrace Hall, room 312


Spring 2018 Seminar Schedule

Name Date Institution Seminar Title Website Host




No Seminar – first week of class


James Ferguson




CWRU – Department of Biology

“The right time and the right place: Ezh2 is required for skull bone formation in a temporally sensitive manner”


Dr. Radhika Atit




Dr. Krzysztof Palczewski





CWRU – Department of Pharmacology


“Chemistry that Converts Light into Vision”


Dr. Jessica Fox


Dr. Cameron Ghalambor




Colorado State University-Department of Biology


“Incorporating the role of phenotypic plasticity into studies of adaptive evolution”


Dr. Ryan Martin


Dr. Henry Astley






The University of Akron-Department of Biology



“The Control and Evolution of Sidewinding”


Dr. Jessica Fox


Dr. Kati Daltorio




Mechanical Engineering


“Using biologically-inspired robots to better understand animal locomotion”


Dr. Jessica Fox


Dr. Ed Munro








University of Chicago-Dept. of

Molecular Genetic & Cell Biology





Dr. Radhika Atit


Dr. Jean Burns



CWRU – Department of Biology



“How has evolution shaped plant interactions with the environment and other organisms”





No seminar spring break




Dr. Merri Rosen





Anatomy & Neurobiology-Northeast Ohio Medical University “Auditory Perception, Neural Correlates, and Deficit Remediation: Effects of Developmental Stress and Hearing Loss.”


Dr. Jessica Fox


Dr. Sumeda Nandadasa





Cleveland Clinic- Dept. of Biomedical Engineering



“Metalloprotease regulation of ciliogenesis: The inside story of two extracellular matrix proteases in neural tube development”


Dr. Radhika Atit


Michael Moore






CWRU-Department of Biology


“Midlife crises: Causes and consequences of fitness trade-offs across the life cycle”.


Dr. Ryan Martin


Dr. Craig Hodges






CWRU-Department of Pediatrics


“Cystic Fibrosis: Utilizing models to discover and validate the next generation of therapies”


Dr. Radhika Atit


Dr. Yolanda Fortenberry






George Washington University






Dr. Robert Raguso 4/26/18 Cornell, Dept of Neurobiology and Behavior “Grasping at vapors: RH, C02 and the scale dependence of context in insect behavior.”

















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