PhD Students Advisor / Lab Research Focus   Email
Saliha Ahmad Burns Plant-soil interactions
Madeline Balman Martin
Oscar Bautista Crown Proteomics composition of meiotic recombination nodules
Jacob Bosse Ritzmann
Sharon Danielson Medeiros
Shivansh Dave Willis Neuroethology, Olfaction, Computational modeling
Oindrila De Ward Regulation of morphogenesis
Russell Engleman Croft
Ellyn Evans Cullis
Taiwo (Mercy) Faloni Bagby Environmental Phage Microbiology, Soil Viral Ecology
Xiaotian Feng Atit how cells migrate during development to form the bones of the skull
Alexandra Gurgis Wolff Sensory, Behavioral and Evolutionary Neurobiology
Deborah Harris Jolly
Yu Huan Chiel
Anna Jussila Atit Understanding fat loss accompanying skin fibrosis
Aruni Kadawatha Burns Plant biological invasions
Hyung Chul Kim Jolly Role of long non-coding RNA in parasite development
Aravindan Krishnan Mizutani
Kristianna Lea Fox Neuroethology of flight in insects
Angela Lenard Diamond How organisms respond to rapid environmental change; climate change and urban heat islands
Jin Li Cullis Marama genome sequencing, genome variation study, and plant self-incompatibility
Yu Liu Burns The role of soil biotic communities in plant health.
Qiannan Ma Atit
Suneeti Madhavan Atit Skin fibrosis and Craniofacial development in mouse models
Osmary Medina-Baez Diamond Thermal physiology of butterflies
Roberta Muehlheim Martin
Troy Neptune Benard
Amy Patterson Abbott Plant community composition, eco-evolutionary feedbacks in invasions
Charles Ritzler Koester
Natalie Saxton Gunter Systematics and biogeography of endemic Australian Scarabaeinae
Luke Stevens Mizutani
Rachel Stone Gunter Dung beetle ecology and evolution
Kaylin Tennant Dennis Behavior of regurgitation and reingestion in zoo-housed gorillas
Claudia Victoroff Burke
Alexa Wagner Stuble
Stephanie Wood Jolly
Swara Yadav Jolly
Jacquelyn Yarman Mizutani Dysregulation of aging in Drosophila brains
Aaron Yilmaz Martin How suites of traits evolve in response to urban heat islands
Zihao Yu Ward Developmental biology
Master of Science Plan A (Thesis)  
Weizhou Chen Cullis
William Huffmyer Abbott
Morgan Lauer McDermott
Jae Ho Lee Ward Genetics, organ synthesis, hormones, signal conduction
Haosheng Li Crown
Bowen Man Crown Inversion heterozygosity and recombination
Maura Plocek Dunham Animal behavior and the gut microbiome
Eric Prileson Martin organismal adaptation to global change through selection and phenotypic plasticity; conservation and communication of global change biology
Hallie Schultz Bagby
Joseph Terry Crown

Master of Science Plan A (Thesis)

Entrepreneurial Biotechnology

Kristin Aldridge Cullis glioblastoma in children – how to slow the growth of tumors using a synthetic drug in experiments conducted in vivo and in vitro
Aderinola (Derin) Fasipe Cullis
Xuer Shi Cullis
Master of Science Plan B (Non-Thesis)  
Yushen Feng Martin
Kathryn Ryan Martin
Preeti Narayanan Martin