12:30-2pm, Nov 6th. Some faculty may not be available for the entire time.


Please join us on November 6th for a Virtual Biology Majors Fair. The following faculty and staff will be available to answer questions about advising, research in Biology and at CWRU, and questions about our different majors (BA Biology, BS Biology, BS Systems Biology, and BS Neuroscience).

On November 6th you can click into any one of the following people’s personal Zoom rooms:

Dr. Chris Cullis – Zoom Room:



research interests: I am interested in the mechanisms by which DNA within the cell can change rapidly, particularly in response to external stimuli. The model systems, all plant based, that are the basis for these investigations are the heritable mutations in flax in response to the external environment and the appearance somaclonal mutations after plants have been taken through a cycle of tissue culture and regeneration.

Dr. Radhika Atit – Zoom Room: 


Meeting ID: 692 879 3166
Passcode 608247

Research interests: My research is focused on areas of skin development and patterning and cranial bone development. There is relatively little known about the genetic and cellular events that lead to the acquisition of dermal cell identity and differentiation in the embryo. My goal is to identify the genetic pathways that confer dermal cell identity which confers competence to induce various appendages of the skin and promote the patterning of the skin. We are currently using genetic tools to determine functional mediators of dermal cell and cranial bone identity and differentiation. We are also developing postnatal models to identify underlying mechanisms of skin fibrosis. These are fundamental biological problems with implications for development in general, and for our understanding of skin and skull bone related diseases.

(For students interested in Neuroscience)

Dr. Jessica Fox 


Meeting ID: 291 415 9406
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Research interests: How do sensory systems collect, process, and transmit information? How do fast-moving animals process sensory information at high speeds to coordinate their behavior? How do different sensory modalities interact with each other? How have sensory systems evolved to handle the challenges they are faced with in complex environments?

We study insect sensory systems using quantitative behavioral techniques, electrophysiology, computational modeling, and high-speed videography.

For Major Declarations and Advising:


Katie Bingman, Student Services Specialist

Zoom Room:


Meeting ID: 328 787 3258
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For questions about Systems Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Vert Lab, or other general advising questions:

Dr. Richard Drushel: Zoom Room


General Advising Questions, Introductory Biology questions, Undergraduate Research questions: 

Dr. Rebecca Benard:

Meeting ID: 851 020 6897
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