For students interested in Neuroscience


The Departments of Biology and Neuroscience are currently developing a B.S. in Neuroscience degree. The anticipated date of students being able to declare TBD.  Interested underclassmen may choose to prepare for the major by following the program of study for the B.S. in biology and taking additional courses in neuroscience.

Currently two courses in Neuroscience are available to students: NEUR 166 (Explorations in Neuroscience; recommended for freshmen and sophomores) and NEUR 301 (Biological Mechanisms of Brain Disorders; biology core sequence is a prerequisite).

Students interested in majoring in Neuroscience should follow the following course map to be on track to declare when the major is available. NOTE: requirements for the official degree are subject to change from what is listed below. Please contact Katie Bingman ( to be sure you’re taking the appropriate coursework.

Questions: email Katie Bingman (

College of Arts and Sciences General Education Requirements: 
Arts/Humanities: 6-8hrs
Natural Sciences/Math 6-8 hrs
Social Sciences: 6 hrs
Quantitative Reasoning: 3-4hrs
Global and Cultural Diversity: 3-4 hrs
Physical Education (2 full semesters, 4 half-semester courses)

SAGES requirements
First Year Seminar
University Seminar (2 courses)
Department seminar
Writing Portfolio

Biology core courses
BIOL 214+214L
BIOL 215 + 215L
BIOL 216+216L

Programming Course
ENGR 131 or BIOL 321

MATH 125 (or 121)
MATH 126 (or 122)
STAT 312 or 313

Cellular/Molecular elective (choose one)
BIOL 326 (Genetics)
BIOL 325 (Cell Biology)
BIOL 307/CHEM 328 (Biochemistry)

Ecology/Evolution Elective (Choose one)
BIOL 225 (Evolution)
BIOL 351 (Principles of Ecology)

CHEM 105
CHEM 106
CHEM 113
CHEM 223
CHEM 224
CHEM 233

PHYS 115
PHYS 116

Introductory Neuroscience
BIOL 373 (Introduction to Neurobiology)

Neurobiology core courses (choose 2)
BIOL 374 (Neurobiology of Behavior)
BIOL 322 (Sensory Biology)
BIOL 358 (Animal Behavior)

Neuroscience Research (minimum of 6 hrs)
BIOL 388, 389, 390

Neuroscience Electives (minimum of 2 courses)
BIOL 378 (Computational Neuroscience)
BIOL 302 (Human Learning and the Brain)
BIOL 385 (Seminar on Biological Processes in Learning and Cognition)
PSCL 101 (General Psych)
PSCL 350 (Behavior Genetics)
PSCL 352 Physiological Psych
PSCL 379 Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
COGS 102 Intro into Cognitive Neuroscience
COGS 201 Human Cognition Evolution and Development
COGS 215 Words and Mind
COGS 305 Social Cognition and Brain
COSI 305 Neuroscience of Communication
COSI 357 Acquired Neurogenic Communication Disorders
PHIL 311 Neuroethics
PHIL 366 Brain, Mind, and Consciousness
MATH 333 Math and Brain
NEUR 301 Biological Mechanisms of Brain Disorders
NEUR 166 Explorations in Neuroscience (1 credit)
NEUR 402 Principles of Neural Science
Other courses by approval