The Department of Biology wishes to congratulate the following students for winning the following awards. Stay tuned for more information as we highlight the winners.

2023 Undergraduate Award winners

The Russell M. Lawall Prize in Biological Sciences, for excellence in biology.

Winner: Peter Coggan

The Francis Hobart Herrick Prize, for outstanding biological research and academic excellence in biology.

Winner: Vivian Wheeler

The Ralph A. Spengler, Jr. Award, for excellence in plant science.

Winner: Noah Clayton

The Flora Stone Mather Alumnae Award, for outstanding academic performance in biology.

Winner: Aubrey Mayer

The Daniel Burke Prize, for excellence in both biology and chemistry.

Winner: Rachel Wyetzner

J. Paul Visscher Memorial Award of the Cleveland Audubon Society

Winner: Jordan Clark

Outstanding UTA Award (Undergraduate Teaching Assistant)

Winners: Gaurav Mittal

Michelson Morley Research Competition in the Biological Sciences

1st prize: Rachel Wyetzner

2nd prize: Christopher Kim

3rd prize: Anushka Nikhil