Cell and Developmental Biology

Radhika Atit – Skin and bone development and disease
Arnold Caplan* – Use of stem cells to regenerate tissues
Nicole Crown – Molecular genetics of meiosis
Chris Cullis* – Plant genomes and crop improvement

Yolanda Fortenberry – Blood disorders, regulation, and mechanism
Stephen Haynesworth* – Mesenchymal stem cells and adipocyte cell fate
Emmitt Jolly – Gene regulation in the parasitic schistosome worm
Brian McDermott – Hair-cell development
Claudia Mizutani – Genetic Mechanisms of body axis patterning
Charles Rozek* – Fly Genetics
Robert Ward – Regulation of tissue growth and morphogenesis
Peter Zimmerman – Global Health and Malaria

* Not currently accepting graduate students
italics indicate adjunct and secondary faculty

Neurobiology and Neuromechanical Systems

Hillel Chiel – Soft tissue biomechanics, neural modeling, and soft robots

Angela Dixon – Modeling of neurological diseases
Jessica Fox – Neurobiology, sensory systems, insect behavior
Gabriella Wolff – Neuroethology; evolutionary and comparative neurobiology; olfaction; learning and memory
Kristen Lukas – Effects of designed environments on animal behavior
Peter Thomas – Mathematical biology, computational neuroscience
Mark Willis – Olfactory orientation and flight behavoir
* not currently accepting graduate students
italics indicates secondary or adjunct faculty

Evolution and Ecology

Karen Abbott – Theoretical Ecology
Sarah Bagby – Environmental microbiology; microbial evolution; bioinformatics; and ecoinformatics
Michael Benard – Evolutionary and population ecology
David Burke* – Rhizosphere and plant ecology
Jean Burns – Community assembly and invasion
Darin Croft – Mammalian paleontology, ecology

Pam Dennis – Environmental influences of health; physiologic influences of behavior; One Health
Sarah Diamond – Evolutionary ecology

Noah Dunham* – Feeding ecology; energetics; locomotion

Diana Koester* – Effects of environment on animal welfare; endocrinology; reproductive physiology
Ana Locci* – Ecosystem modeling
Ryan Martin – Evolutionary ecology
Robin Snyder – Effects of environmental variation
Scott Simpson – Human evolution, anatomy

* not currently accepting graduate students
italics indicates secondary or adjunct faculty